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The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg

  Philbrick, Rodman

Publisher: Blue Sky Press
Number of Pages: 224
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Historical fiction

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Youth Fiction

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Why I liked this title:

If you ever think you’re having a hard life, just pick up Rodman Philbrick’s book about Homer, a half starved boy from Maine who witnessed his mean Uncle selling his underage brother illegally into the Union Army. The descriptions of Homer's life are heartbreaking. The only person in the world he can count on is his brother and his brother is gone. Homer decides to go get him and start a new life with him. Homer takes off on the journey to save his brother, Harold, and then you get to know Homer. He’s a lovable kid and as he travels across the country, the characters he meets fall for Homer, too. Homer is a bright, quick-witted kid who can explain anything with an elaborate lie in a matter of seconds. Homer is amoral, with no opinion about slavery, the union or war; the only thing he wants is Harold safe. As the story progresses, Homer is forced to think about his positions and starts to see first hand the evils of slavery and war. There are many exciting adventures that keep you turning the page to find how Homer will survive. It’s a great book for the reluctant reader because Homer’s adventures are not the ordinary adventures of a twelve year old.

Reviewed by: Cathy Maassen on 5/2/2009

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