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The Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of Rocamadour

  Beil, Michael D.

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Number of Pages: 299
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School story

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Youth Fiction

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The Red Blazer Girls get their name from the uniforms worn at their school, St. Veronica’s, in New York City. When Sophie, daydreaming in English class, sees a ghost’s face in the church window across from her school, she involves her friends, Margaret and Rebecca in a fast- paced mystery in search of the priceless Ring of Rocamadour. Mrs. Harriman, an odd old lady, lives in a house attached to the church and she needs help in solving a puzzle created 20 years earlier by her father, an archaeologist. The girls feel sorry for Mrs. Harriman and agree to try to solve the puzzle created by old Mr. Harriman who left his granddaughter a precious gift and a series of clues all relating to St. Veronica’s Scholl. The clues involve mathematics, religion, art, literature, and classical languages and challenge the girl detectives as well as the reader. The excitement builds when it appears that someone else wants the valuable ring and may be willing to challenge them for the prize. The girls are funny and their problems with boyfriends and family add another layer of interest to a great story.

Reviewed by: Louise Barnett on 6/16/2010

Move over Nancy Drew, here come the Red Blazer Girls-four 12-year-old girls embroiled in a mystery surrounding a 20-year-old scavenger hunt and the missing ring of Rocamadour. Throw in a cute boy and the recipe for fun is complete! Sofie, the ring leader of the Red Blazer Girls, is witty and determined. Accompanied by Margaret the brainiac, artistic Rebecca, and the gorgeous Leigh Ann, the girls solve word and math puzzles that they hope will lead them to the ring. The story is sprinkled with colorful adults who further enhance the character palette. The word problems, math puzzles and other clues illustrated in the book are fun to solve along with the girls. This is a very fun read. I can't wait for the further adventures of the Red Blazer Girls.

Reviewed by: Linda Sawyer on 5/18/2009

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