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  Law, Ingrid

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Number of Pages: 342
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Youth Fiction

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ALA Notable Books
Newbery Honor
Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

Savvy is a truly delightful coming age story without any teenage angst. This is Ingrid Law’s first novel and I’m sure it won’t be her last. The story is about the Beaumont family, an unusual family who inherits, from their mother’s side, a supernatural talent that reveals itself on their 13th birthday. The talent is called a savvy and it takes a while to learn how to control it. The book opens days before Mibs Beaumont turns 13 and she is excited. Her father made a special trip to town to find the perfect dress for her coming of age birthday. Mibs was all about pre-birthday excitement. On her birthday eve, Mib’s father was in a serious car accident and the birthday hoopla fizzled as her mother and older brother rushed to their father’s bedside.

Mibs savvy arrived early in the morning of her birthday and she believed she had the power to wake her father and, come what may, she was going to get to him and wake him up! The problem was her father was 90 miles away and she just turned 13! Mibs jumped on a bible salesman’s bus as a stowaway, along with her two brothers and the Preacher’s kids. As the children make their way to their father, with a lot of detours along the way, you can see how each child grows and learn how to deal with life’s challenges. Each of the characters are memorable and their adventures unforgettable. Warning: tears are inevitable!

Reviewed by: Cathy Maassen on 5/20/2009

Do you know what your savvy is? Each member of the Beaumont family develops a savvy-a supernatural ability-upon turning 13 and Mississippi Beaumont ("Mibs" for short) is eager to learn what her special talent will be. Just before her thirteenth birthday her father is seriously injured in an auto accident. He is in a coma in a hospital that is miles away from home. Mibs stows away on a Bible salesman's old bus in an effort to reach her father because she believes her savvy will save him. She is accompanied by her two brothers and two of the preacher's children. Thus begins an adventure-filled odyssey through the "Kansaska-Nebransas" heartland during which Mibs forges some new friendships and overcomes her fears of growing up.

Reviewed by: Susan Heist Carlton on 7/16/2010

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