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Code Orange

  Cooney, Caroline B.

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Number of Pages: 200
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Realistic fiction

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Junior High Fiction

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Why I liked this title:

I loved this book, but be warned: it is scary! Mitty is an average teenager, living a pretty normal life - until the day he finds an envelope of some old smallpox scabs in an antique medical book. Assigned a paper on infectious diseases for his biology class, he decides to focus on smallpox. But, as he reads more about the disease, he begins to wonder if the scabs might still be infectious - which would make him a walking smallpox incubator! Who can he trust to ask? Hoping to get some answers on the Internet while remaining anonymous, Mitty is shocked to discover that his questions have aroused a lot of interest from a lot of people - and not all of them are interested in helping him. If you're in the market for a page-turner, this is one of the best.

Reviewed by: Mary Michell on 8/24/2009

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