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The 100-Year-Old Secret

  Barrett, Tracy

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Number of Pages: 157
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Youth Fiction

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Why I liked this title:

Xena and Xander have moved to London and discover that Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, is their great, great, great grandfather. As if that isn’t exciting enough, they are given his old book of unsolved cases. Well, of course, they have to see if they can solve one! The mystery they try to solve is about a missing painting and, it just so happens, that one of the museums in London is going to be having an exhibit of the artist’s works. Will they find the painting?

This was an entertaining book. Xena and Xander are bright kids who use their wits and powers of observation to solve the mystery. They have learned how to be particularly observant through a game they learned from their father. Read this and try out their game. See if you can become a detective, too.

Reviewed by: Karen Trier on 2/20/2010

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