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Heist Society

  Carter, Ally

Publisher: Disney/Hyperion
Number of Pages: 287
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Junior High Fiction

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James Bond, but on the other side of law. That is Kat Bishop! This daughter of notorious thieves was exposed to casing the Louvre at age 3! Kat decided to leave the family business and worked her last con by getting herself into the exclusive Colgan School and, from there, beginning a crime-free life. Her family had other plans! Kat’s father’s life is threatened by the most powerful mobster, Arturo Taccone. Kat builds a teenage team of coconspirators to break into the most secure art museum in London and take back the 5 priceless paintings that were left there. Kat, as James Bond, is invincible and gallivants around the world, with no worries of money, flight delays, or jet leg. It’s fun, exciting, and as you curl up to read this book, you feel as if the movie is starting to roll. Enjoy! Bishop, Kat – Kat Bishop – shaken not stirred!

Reviewed by: Cathy Maassen on 7/1/2010

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