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Down the Rabbit Hole : an Echo Falls Mystery

  Abrahams, Peter

Publisher: Laura Geringer Books
Number of Pages: 375
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Junior High Fiction

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Why I liked this title:

Peter Abrahams has given us a remarkable 8th grader in Ingrid Hill. Ingrid loves Sherlock Holmes, playing soccer, and has a passion for the theater. Through chance, Ingrid becomes involved in the murder of Cracked-up Katie, an old lady who used to be a promising young actress in the same theater program that Ingrid belongs to. The adventures which Ingrid becomes involved in as she tries to solve the murder of Katie may be slightly implausible, but it's a great story and the action is guaranteed to leave readers holding their breath to see what problem confronts Ingrid on the next page. Mr. Abrahams' plot lines are intricate enough to satisfy any fans of Mr. Holmes. The characters are all well developed and I especially liked the wonderful relationship between Ingrid and her grandfather. This is the start of what appears to be a wonderful mystery series about one very special young lady and one very mysterious town, Echo Falls. Stop in the Youth Services Dept. when you have finished the novel to let me know what page you were at when you knew you had solved the murder. I'll let you know if you solved it faster than I did.

Reviewed by: Ron Oberman on 7/23/2010

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