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Climb or Die

  Myers, Edward

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Number of Pages: 180
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Realistic fiction

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Youth Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Danielle and Jake are brother and sister and have a hard time spending an hour together without fighting. Now they are totally dependent on each for their survival and that of their parents. It was supposed to be a simple weekend in the mountains, but a sudden heavy snowstorm, a couple wrong turns, and a car crash and it became a nightmare. The kids' parents are hurt and can't move and if they don't figure out how to climb the mountain they will die; if they make the wrong move climbing the mountain they will die; and if they stay in the car waiting for help, they'll freeze to death. Edward Myers keeps the suspense going until the end. The description of what is happening on the climb is so real that you feel like you’re really climbing up the mountain with Danielle and Jake and can practically feel the freezing snow hitting you in every direction.

Reviewed by: Cathy Maassen on 2/28/2004

The Darcy family siblings, Danielle, age 14, and Jake, age 13, are the protagonists in this survival against nature story. The pair must overcome their rivalry and pool their talents to have any chance of saving their parents and themselves. Their parents are badly injured and stuck in the family car after crashing on a lonely mountain road in the Colorado Rockies. A blinding blizzard obscures their path to safety. The interstate lies twenty-eight miles away and the snow is deep. The only chance they have is to climb the treacherous mountain and reach the weather station at the top. Do they figure a way out, without proper climbing equipment? Can they put aside their constant arguing? The author draws the reader to this adventure story right from the start with talk of the blizzard. The reader will walk in the shoes of the two teenage protagonists and will be thrilled.

Reviewed by: Carolyn Thompson on 11/26/2004

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