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The Chocolate Touch

  Catling, Patrick Skene

Illustrator: Apple, Margot
Publisher: Morrow
Number of Pages: 87
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Easy Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Winner

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Do you like chocolate? John Midas LOVES chocolate. He eats chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One day, John decides to take a new route to his friend’s house, and on the way he finds a strange coin. A few steps later, he sees a new chocolate shop and is thrilled to find out that the shop owner accepts his coin as payment for a beautiful box of candy. When John gets home, he's quick to go to bed so that he can open the package in private. Inside the box, he finds a single piece of delicious chocolate. Chocolate that seems to cast a spell on him! Chocolate that makes everything he puts to his mouth turn into chocolate! From his toothpaste to his trumpet, nothing is spared from the chocolate touch. John learns a tough lesson about selfishness and greed in this funny story.

Reviewed by: Holly Jin on 4/16/2004

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