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The Gospel According to Larry

  Tashjian, Janet

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Number of Pages: 227
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Realistic fiction

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Junior High Fiction

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Why I liked this title:

Wow! This book was such fun. I listened to the audiobook version and the narrator was superb. Josh is a great character and someone I would like to know. He isn't your average 17-year-old. His only wish is to make the world a better place. His wish comes true when his virtual alter ego, Larry, becomes a huge media sensation. Larry has his own website, where he posts his views on everything and has a large following of adults and teens. Meanwhile, Larry's identity is a mystery to everyone, including Josh's best friend, Beth, who he has been in love with for years. While it seems as if the whole world is trying to figure out Larry's true identity, Josh feels trapped inside his own creation. What will happen to the world, and to Larry, if he is exposed? Be sure to read the sequel, Vote for Larry.

Reviewed by: Linda Sawyer on 6/2/2004

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