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Adaline Falling Star

  Osborne, Mary Pope

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Number of Pages: 170
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Historical fiction

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Youth Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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The legendary scout of the American West, Kit Carson, had a daughter with a Native American woman. Mary Pope Osborne read that she "was a wild girl" and, using her imagination, wrote a fictional story about what might have happened if Adaline was left with with relatives that disliked her for being part Indian. Imagine being alone and unhappy and thinking that your father had abandoned you! Adaline decides to try to get back to her mother's people at Bent's Fort on the Missouri River. Along with a stray dog that she picks up on the way, Adaline has some scary, dangerous, and life-threatening adventures as she tries to go home.

Reviewed by: Louise Barnett on 8/9/2004

Lexile level: 720

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