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Chasing Vermeer

  Balliett, Blue

Illustrator: Helquist, Brett
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Number of Pages: 254
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School story

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Youth Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Imagine if the fate of one of the world's famous paintings rested in your hands and you are only 11 years old. Petra and Calder find themselves caught up in the theft of a stolen piece of art and the mystery seems to be centered in their Chicago neighborhood. Soon they realize that no one can be trusted. Is their teacher involved in the crime? Is Petra's dad involved? Will they find the painting and return it to the Art Institute before the thief destroys it? Is their teacher involved in the crime? I won't tell you what happens. You have to read the book for yourself. You won't be able to stop reading until you solve the mystery.

Reviewed by: Linda Sawyer on 9/1/2004

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