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Bandit's Moon

  Fleischman, Sid

Illustrator: Smith, Jos. A.
Publisher: Dell Yearling
Number of Pages: 136
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Historical fiction

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Youth Fiction

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Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award Nominee
Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

Most girls would be upset if a gang of bandits rode in, but 12-year-old Annyrose sees it as an improvement. Locked in a barn since she tried to run away from the villainous O.O. Mary, Annyrose pleads with the bandit called Joaquín to let her go along with the gang. Joaquín, of course, is the famous Mexican bandit Joaquín Murieta. Thinking she's a boy, the bandit agrees to take her--provided she'll teach him to read so that he can find out what the gringos are saying about him on wanted posters and in the newspapers. Annyrose hopes to ride with the bandits until she can be reunited with her long-lost brother. What follows is a humorous, adventure-filled story about the surprising friendship that develops between Annyrose and Joaquín.

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Reviewed by: Linda Sawyer on 9/10/2004

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