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Nosepickers from Outer Space

  Korman, Gordon

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Number of Pages: 137
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Science fiction

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Easy Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

Having an exchange student living with you is something most students would look forward to. Devin Hunter certainly was excited until he met Stan, his exchange buddy. Stan embarrasses Devin because he's not cool. He wears a tie, has a crew cut, and worst of all, he can't keep his finger out of his nose! What's up... Stan's nose? The future of the planet earth depends on Devin and Stan, who is an exchange student from the planet Pan with a mission to determine if Earth is a good vacation spot for his fellow Pants. If you like lots of bad puns and a good story, you'll enjoy this book.

Reviewed by: Louise Barnett on 12/27/2004

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