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Toad Rage

  Gleitzman, Morris

Publisher: Random House
Number of Pages: 165
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Youth Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

This book put me in the mindset of the old ATARI video game "Frogger," where a frog tries to safely cross a busy highway. This is reality for Limpy and his relatives, although in this case, they're Australian cane toads, not frogs. When yet another of his uncles is squashed by a motorist, Limpy embarks on a journey to find out why humans hate toads so much. Along the way, he meets up with an Olympic athlete and gets caught up with other Australian animals whose goal is just as ambitious... to become mascots in the 2000 Summer Games.

Reviewed by: Amanda "Mandy" O'Brien on 4/12/2005

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