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Stone Fox

  Gardiner, John Reynolds

Illustrator: Sewall, Marcia
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 85
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Youth Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

This is a simple story with a very exciting conflict! Ten-year-old Willy is determined to keep his sick grandfather alive and to keep their Wyoming potato farm from being sold to pay the taxes. To do this he enters a dogsled race against the mysterious and heroic Stone Fox. This is a short book with a thrilling race between Willy's heroic dog Searchlight and Stone Fox's well trained dog team. If you like books that move quickly, include both triumph and sadness, and feature a loyal dog, then this book will appeal to you. Willy is the kind of character that I particularly like since he has strong values and fierce determination to win and "save the day."

Reviewed by: Louise Barnett on 1/26/2004

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