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Merlin and the Dragons

  Yolen, Jane

Illustrator: Ming, Li
Publisher: Cobblehill Books, Dutton
Number of Pages: Unpaged
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Youth Fiction

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This is truly a marvelous book. Ms. Yolen has captured the excitement, drama, and adventure ofthe Arthurian legend. Ms. Ming's illustrations are stunning. This is a story of a young Arthur and his doubts about whether he is worthy to be King of England. To deal with these doubts, Merlin tells Arthur a story of a very powerful king and a very evil king. The kings are each represented by a dragon. The red dragon symbolizes the evil king and the white dragon symbolizes the good king. The book is fantastic for a read aloud program or as an introduction to a unit on English literature or history.

Reviewed by: Ron Oberman on 1/26/2006

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