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  Cushman, Karen

Publisher: Clarion Books
Number of Pages: 215
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Historical fiction

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Youth Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

It is 1881, and twelve-year-old Rodzina's parents and brothers have died, forcing her to fend for herself on the streets of Chicago. Alone, sad and angry, she finds herself, along with many other children, on an "orphan train." Trains like this really did exist in the late 1800's. They traveled West with the purpose of finding families who would adopt the thousands of city children they carried. Rodzina longs for her parents and her home, but living on the street has made her a survivor. She narrowly escapes slavery and forced marriage, protects other children, and eventually finds a family of her own. This book is about a tough, smart girl who makes her own good luck. If you like historical fiction and a great story, you will love Rodzina.

Reviewed by: Mary Michell on 1/29/2004

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