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The Hero Revealed

  Boniface, William

Illustrator: Gilpin, Stephen
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 294
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Youth Fiction

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Why I liked this title:

Now here’s a book that’s full of super good silly fun! Imagine living in a town where everyone has a superpower… everyone except Ordinary Boy. Not all of the residents’ superpowers are very super; for example, Puddle Boy has the power to create puddles anytime he wants, and Mr. Mister’s ability is to be able to emit a fine mist out of his mouth at will (which is why he works in the produce section of the local supermarket rather than fighting crime). Ordinary Boy is part of the Junior Leaguers team that includes Halogen Boy (who grows brighter depending on how much apple juice he has been drinking), Tadpole (who can shoot his tongue out 20 feet), Plasma Girl (who can turn herself into a goopy, jelly-like substance) , and Stench (who is super strong, but also super smelly). The Junior Leaguers team up to help the Amazing Indestructo foil the evil Professor Brain-Drain’s latest sinister plot to take over the city of Superopolis. Peppered throughout the story are illustrated profiles of the various superheroes and supervillains, taken from the Li’l Heroes Handbook, which flesh out the comic book-styled characters. This fast-paced story was a blast to read!

Reviewed by: David Nelson on 4/1/2008

Ordinary Boy (or OB, as he is called) lives in Superopolis, a town populated by superheroes. In fact, OB is the only person in town who has no superpowers whatsoever. He does, however, have a great group of friends: Halogen Boy, who can make himself glow like a human torch; Plasma Girl, who can turn into a pliable mass of goo at will; and Tadpole, who can use his tongue to grab things across the room. Then there's Ordinary Boy's best friend, Stench, who possesses superhero strength and the ability to clear a room with amazing speed! Can this motley group of kid superheroes save Superopolis from total destruction by the evil Professor Brain Drain? Read and find out. You'll find yourself laughing out loud!

Reviewed by: Mary Michell on 7/19/2006

Wow, wouldn't you like to live in a town where everyone has super powers?! It would be fun, but what about if you are the only one who doesn't have a power? OB (Ordinary Boy) lives in Superopolis. His dad has hands that can heat things up, him mom can freeze things. He decided that their powers must have canceled each other out and that's how he became Ordinary Boy. But that doesn't stop OB from contributing to his town. He belongs to a group that calls itself "The Junior Leaguers." He and his friends (Plasma Girl, Stench, Halogen Boy, and Tadpole) meet at Stench's Clubhouse and in this book they are out to solve a mystery. The Amazing Indestructo Collector cards are what they are collecting. Amazing Indestructo is the top hero in their town. Everywhere it's The Amazing Indestructo and the League of Ultimate Goodness. Make that "Amazing Indestructo" in really large letters and "the League of Ultimate Goodness" in really tiny letters. The Amazing Indestructo is big business. His picture is on tons of merchandise. The cards they collect have a lot of pictures of Indestructo and some of the minor heroes and villains but their goal is to figure out what card is the rarest. In collecting these cards, one of Meteor Boy strikes their interest. He is a young hero who met an untimely demise, but that will be explored in Book 2 of this series. It was easy and fun to read, I think Ordinary Boy should be renamed Smart Boy because he has to use his brains in this book. So check out this series: Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy

Reviewed by: Patty Sero on 7/10/2006

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