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Things Not Seen

  Clements, Andrew

Publisher: Philomel Books
Number of Pages: 251
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Science fiction

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Junior High Fiction

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Why I liked this title:

Fifteen-year-old Bobby wakes up one winter morning and takes a shower with the lights out like he has done hundreds of times before. Bobby says that he gets a few more minutes of sleep taking a shower this way. He turns the bathroom lights on, looks in the mirror and he is not there, he is invisible. Bobby can't go to high school and he has to figure out what made him invisible in the first place and then try to reverse the process. The truant officers are after him and his parents. He literally bumps into a blind girl, Alicia, who is the only person outside his immediate family that he confides his problem to. The story takes place in Chicago on the University of Chicago campus and neighborhood which to me made the story just a little more interesting because I know some kids that go to that school. This is a very fast read and I think many of you would like to read it.

Reviewed by: Susan Teller on 2/10/2004

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