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The Secret Journey

  Kehret, Peg

Publisher: Pocket Books
Number of Pages: 135
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Realistic fiction

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Youth Fiction

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Imagine that you are living in England in 1834. It is a time when children are not to speak unless they are spoken to. Your mother is sick but they will not tell you what is wrong and you can not ask any questions. All you know is that your mother and father are sailing to France, with the maid, as the doctor suggested. You are going to be sent off to your dreaded Aunt Martha and hateful cousin Odolff’s house to live during the months they are away. You would do almost anything not to have to stay there. You come up with a plan to stowaway on the ship that is taking your parents, and once the ship is too far away to return you will surprise your family. There is only one major problem with this plan: you hid on the wrong boat and so begins the adventure.

Reviewed by: Susan Teller on 4/24/2007

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