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Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs: Poems and Paintings

  Florian, Douglas

Publisher: Harcourt
Number of Pages: 47
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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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"The Chameleon"

Chameleon, comedian,
We never know what skin you're in.
Sometimes you're yellow,
Then you're green,
Turquoise, blue, or tangerine.
Chameleon, you're hard to find.
Comedian, make up your mind!

If you want to read funny poems about reptiles and amphibians, this is the book for you. "The Chameleon" is one of 21 poems that will tickle your funny bone. Not only will you like the poems, the illustrations will catch your eye. For example, in "The Gecko," a young girl and the lizard "roam" across the ceiling. The words of the poem also tumble about the page. Be sure to read these poems out loud to receive full satisfaction.

Reviewed by: Carolyn Thompson on 5/8/2007

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