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The Kite Fighters

  Park, Linda Sue

Illustrator: Park, Eung Won
Publisher: Clarion Books
Number of Pages: 136
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Historical fiction

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Youth Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Winner
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Why I liked this title:

Young-sup and his older brother, Kee-sup, live in Seoul, Korea in 1473. Kee-sup had just received a dragon kite as part of the New Year's Day celebration. "The New Year was everyone's birthday. It didn't matter on which date you were born; you added a year to your age at the New Year holiday." Not only did you celebrate your birthday, boys and men also partook in kite fighting, whereby the last remaining kite fighter was the champion. Young-sup launches kites and keeps them in the air with great agility. Kee-sup designs, builds, and decorates outstanding kites. The boy king asks Kee-sup to build him a kite. When the king asks Young-sup to kite fight in his name at the next New Year's Day celebration, Young-sup has a problem. He wants to kite fight with his whole heart; however, his older brother should have this honor and represent the family. It is the tradition. What does it take to win the championship? How is the dilemma of younger brother versus older brother resolved? You will love this wonderful story. You will want to immediately go fly a kite. The story also allows you into another time and culture.

Reviewed by: Carolyn Thompson on 5/10/2007

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