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The Lemonade War

  Davies, Jacqueline

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
Number of Pages: 173
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Realistic fiction
School story

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Youth Fiction

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Bluestem Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

Grumpminster Fink was a character Evan made up to keep Jessie from worrying when they were both dealing with their parent’s divorce. Evan and Jessie were each others best friend, as well as brother and sister. Things changed when Jessie was promoted from third grade to fourth grade joining Evan in the same class. Jessie was smart, she thought logically, and she could do anything with numbers. Evan had trouble in school but he could read people and he had often helped Jessie understand the social rules of school life. Once in the same class, sibling rivalry took over. War ensued when the two set up a lemonade stand, usually a joint effort of fun, but now all the uncertainties of being in the same class and dealing with the social realities changed everything. This war, like all wars, got ugly. Things got misconstrued and both of them lost sight of what they shared. This book did a nice job of being able to see both characters’ perspective and served to remind kids that often their point of you is just that, their point of view.

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Reviewed by: Cathy Maassen on 8/2/2007

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