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  Pennypacker, Sara

Illustrator: Frazee, Marla
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Number of Pages: 133
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Realistic fiction

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Easy Fiction

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ALA Notable Books
Voice of Youth Award Nominee
Monarch Award Nominee
Bluestem Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

Move over Junie B. Jones, Judy Moody and Ramona, there’s a new free spirit in town. Fans of these independent thinkers will love the amusing exploits of Clementine, an impulsive but well-meaning 8-year-old 3rd grader (luckily she has parents with tons-o-patience!) who claims in the first sentence of the book, “I have had not so good of a week.” I had a lot of fun reading the delightfully humorous tales of Clementine’s week as told from her freshly imaginative point of view.

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Reviewed by: David Nelson on 4/1/2008

Clementine is a plucky girl. She has bright red curly hair, a big imagination, a big heart, and she always seems to get into trouble...big trouble. When her best friend Margaret gets glue in her hair, Clementine "creatively" helps her friend by cutting off Margaret's hair. Clementine, of course, finds herself in the Principal's office. To make Margaret feel better about her super short hair, Clementine cuts her own hair super short and then she uses her mother's permanent markers to color Margaret's scalp orange. When Margaret's mother forbids Clementine from playing with her daughter, Clementine is devastated. She is so lonely without her friend. Clementine's dad enlists her help in fighting off the dreaded pigeons roosting on the top of their apartment building. This keeps Clementine busy but she still needs to get her friend back. Along the way, Clementine makes the reader laugh and smile with all her crazy antics.

This title is also available on compact disc and downloadable audiobook for Skokie Public Library cardholders..

Reviewed by: Linda Sawyer on 2/2/2008

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