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Life As We Knew It

  Pfeffer, Susan Beth

Publisher: Harcourt
Number of Pages: 337
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Junior High Fiction

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Best Books for Young Adults
Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award Nominee

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Why I liked this title:

Sixteen-year-old Miranda is living the life of a normal American teenager when a meteor collides with the moon, knocking it closer to Earth. The subsequent changes in the moon’s gravitational pull set off tsunamis, earthquakes, and, eventually, volcanoes, and disrupt life around the world. This survival story is told through Miranda’s daily journal entries. She documents her family’s struggles to meet their needs for food, warmth, and shelter and to cope with the stresses of enduring months in confined quarters, inadequate food, and uncertainty as to their fate. The characters are authentic– you may see something of yourself or of others you know in their reactions to the crisis. The story is absorbing – I had trouble putting down the book – and the author leaves you feeling just a little bit hopeful about a future that will be very different than life as we know it.

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Reviewed by: Susan Heist Carlton on 4/24/2008

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