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Roxie and the Hooligans

  Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

Illustrator: Boiger, Alexandra
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Number of Pages: 115
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Easy Fiction

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Voice of Youth Award Nominee

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Fourth grader Roxie Warbler knows what to do in most dangerous situations. Roxie is the niece of brave Uncle Dangerfoot, trusty sidekick to the great adventurer Lord Thistlebottom, whose book, Lord Thistlebottom’s Book of Pitfalls and How to Survive Them, she has all but memorized. One dangerous situation that Roxie has a difficult time handling is Helvetia’s Hooligans, the nastiest group of bullies at Public School Number Thirty Seven, who cruelly taunt and tease Roxie about her rather larger than normal ears. By an absurd series of events, Roxie and the Hooligans find themselves stranded on a deserted island, which also turns out to be the getaway hideout of two nefarious bank robbers. Can Roxie, armed only with her knowledge of Lord Thistlebottom’s survival techniques, manage to keep herself and the Hooligans alive, elude the thieves, and make it back home? This is a great little adventure book with a strong girl hero…one that both girls and boys will definitely enjoy!

Reviewed by: David Nelson on 11/20/2012

Because Roxie's ears stick out, the band of hooligans at Public School Number Thirty Seven tease her mercilessly. Roxie tries to avoid them by going to school early and by staying late. But, one morning the gang caught up with her and they all ended up falling into a dumpster headed for the sea. They managed to swim to a deserted island that turned out to be the hiding place for two bank robbers. Roxie had read "Lord Thistlebottom's Book of Pitfalls and How to Survive Them." Was she able to put her survival skills to good use? What happened to the bank robbers? And what about those hooligans?!

Reviewed by: Karen Trier on 1/26/2009

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